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Astrology by Geoffrey Dean, Ivan W. Kelly, Arthur Mather & Rudolf Smit

NL, Netherlands. Please, log in. Occupation :. Smit - Astro, Birth Chart, Horoscope. Birth data source Rodden Rating :. Rodden , Astro. Birth chart Custom graphics Horoscope shape. Print chart. Customize your favourite chart graphics. Smit , - Biography, Wikipedia info, Astrological Signs. Horoscope Shape Characteristics Biography at Wikipedia Smit Date of Birth - Jan 5, astrologer, instagram. Smit - Astrological Charts, Astrology Online. Capricorn sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, which gives people born under this sign peace, patience, perseverance and ambition.

These people are able to put maximum effort into work they have chosen to do or which they were told to do. You feel safe in moments when you can impress others and get praise and admiration.

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Saturn has a restrictive influence upon Uranus's urge towards astrology. All seemed to go pretty well; she was nodding all the time while saying, "yes, yes, you are so right" or words of a similar meaning. Furthermore, astrology is easy to explain: users do not guard against hidden persuaders perceptual and reasoning errors , which is why an actually invalid astrology seems to work and why users can accept erroneous conclusions as true. Capricorns are conventional, coordinated, systematic, dutiful, trustworthy, sincere, effective, reasonable, controlled, commanding, driven, serious, and willing to wait as long as is necessary to attain their goals. You have a good head for business, are largely self-sufficient, and diligent in creating structure. That would be a very interesting experiment if you did not!

Yet, when you get into the spotlight, you may find yourself at a loss. You probably have a desire for money and social status, and have a strong ability to get it. Snake Metal Chinese horoscope. In most countries of the world Snake has a very bad reputation. On the other hand, in the countries of Asia, Snakes are prized, and much appreciated for their wisdom and sagacity. A man born in this sign is sensitive and full of humor. Later, in his first job, he argued with his boss about astrology, and was told that he should first study astrology before opening his mouth.

So he read about his sun sign and was astonished to find how accurate it was. He then had his birth chart read, not once but twice, and in each case was astonished to find how well it fitted his character and circumstances. From then on astrology became his passion. He taught himself how to read charts for his friends everything fitted perfectly , formed the first society of professional astrologers in the Netherlands this was in , and set up as a part-time professional astrologer he soon had many clients and the future looked rosy.

But one day he accidentally used the wrong chart for a client, who was nevertheless happy with the reading. Two years later it happened again. Very puzzling -- weren't horoscopes supposed to be unique? Later, with a computer, he spent several years testing the statements made in astrology books, especially statements about events, and found to his horror that almost all could not be confirmed.

The lack of support for Charles Harvey p. It would seem that such methodological errors are made not only by astrologers, but equally by critics who attempt to disprove astrological claims. While the quantity may have gone down, the quality has gone up, producing a number of results with significantly low p values supporting astrology.

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To counter this trend, Dean and his authors resort to meta-analyses pp. This enables small or flawed experiments that might otherwise be rejected, to be merged to dilute the global equation. Meta-Analysis of matching birth charts to owners A meta-analysis is useful to assess a single hypothesis from a number of tests where there is homogeneity between techniques being tested. Dean assisted in this, the largest and least astrologically successful experiment listed.

Does Astrology Need to Be True? A Thirty-Year Update

Astrology my passion. My life, my personal disaster. Rudolf H. Smit. A slightly expanded version of an article due to appear (in German) in a German anthology . Horoscope and astrology data of Rudolf H. Smit born on 5 January Amsterdam, Netherlands, with biography.

Predicting intellectual disability, accidental death, suicide, inclination to murder which accounts for over a quarter of the tests is not part of the current Western astrological practice. Of course, these subjects are worthy of research. Some have shown high effect sizes in favour of an astrological hypothesis, but they are exploratory and should not be used to judge the practice of astrology. The authors list the effect size as 0.

An Astrologer Guesses Strangers' Zodiac Sign (Ray) - Lineup - Cut

Also, the separate rating test of charts in the Carlson study which was statistically significant is not included — Ertel states the effect size is 0. In fact, history shows that the reverse is more likely. The sceptical movement has had a long record of manipulating data and suppressing inconvenient results, despite its claims of ownership of the scientific high ground. What is not 2Carlson stated up to 28 astrologers and both and subjects, has been used.

Two tests with different sample sizes were combined and then split into smaller groups to remove the significant results. Astrologers are much less inhibited about publishing negative results. Perhaps this is because they do not place such a high value on scientific validation and they are not reliant on funding. A classic example is the New York Suicide Study — an experiment that has been universally praised Eysenck Dean — where the three astrologers were unable to find any significant correlations. Even though it could have been quietly shelved, the NCGR Journal duly published the disappointing results.

Using White Swans to camouflage Black Swans This goes beyond the mishandling of data; the authors follow a logic bypass.

Scientific validity is not determined by democracy. To rephrase John Stuart Mill on inductive logical fallacy: No amount of observations of white swans can allow the inference that all swans are white, as the observation of a single black swan is sufficient to refute that conclusion.

In the case of astrological research, the black swan results cannot be hidden or dismissed as publication bias, sampling error or low effect size. An effect in a large sample is notable. Often in science initial small effects can be refined into large effects. The results of self-selection in the Carlson study, however, are well documented, and suffer from two problems.

I am unable to find a reference to publication of this experiment in a peer-reviewed journal as promised. This does not change the fact that participants given a psychological profile were unable to do with self-reporting what they were being asked to do from their birth chart without self-reporting. Yet, as we will see, the astrologers were able to match participants with their charts to a significant level.

Another problem with chart matching studies is that — as the authors correctly point out — many people know their Sun Sign, which may influence their choice. However, if researchers remove Sun Sign descriptions, they remove the heart of the horoscope. Alternatively, if you make choices with the same signs, the descriptions of Mercury and Venus can mislead those looking for Sun Sign descriptors. And, if you remove those who know about their Sun Sign, you are left with a sample who neither know nor care about self- reflection.

What we do know is that most lunar tests plotted on the graph took place pre This combines a strange mix of results without specific references, although studies are labelled on the graph.

Nature, humanism, science, skepticism.

Is this relevant here? See Lunar Circadian Rhythms. The larger the sample size, the higher the effect size with the largest study of resulting in an effect size of 0. All the results of four tests were in the right direction. Three of the five have so far yielded evidence consistent with astrology.

Smit, Rudolf H.

Even the negative conclusions from the New York Suicide Study may be due to an artifact. The suicide victims were split into three sub-groups based on the year of the suicide. Transits impact different natal charts in different ways each year. Yet the suicide data were judged by the lack of replication between the three smaller year- groups compared to the controls. However, for astrology to be valid, there should be differences between the three suicide year groups, not similarities.

Dean who was supportive of this experiment praised the division of data Dean even though the belief that splitting samples simulates replication is specious. There is more credibility when three astrologers cannot identify correlations, than when Dean fails to see a pattern in his Time Twin data. The evidence from the Carlson test see comments above suggests there are issues with matching charts to these profiles — most especially before the s. The slight difference in the controls account for the fact that there are slightly more births with Mars rising due to more births near sunrise.

Rather than comment further, Dean has kindly promised to send copies of some of the papers from the experiment. Omission of Inconvenient Data While the authors were compiling this book, they had some shattering news. It concerned what was the most rigorous experiment that underpins much of their case and is the basis for many negative opinions about astrology that are crammed into their book. The design and claims of the experiment accepted by the scientific community Maddox were that astrology could be falsified.

These participating astrologers achieved their significant results in disadvantaged conditions without seeing or blaming artifacts p. Astrologers are, of course, prone to illusion, but evidently only some astrologers and only some of the time. Why was the U-turn in the Carlson test omitted from this book? Dean happened to have been in California at the time of the experiment and advised Carlson. Currey So the principal compiler of the book knows the history of the experiment well. Hence no Carlson.

It is in my view a very serious omission. Divination The authors state that many astrologers have turned their backs on scientific testing p. They cite astrologers such as Lee Lehman trained as a botanist and Bernadette Brady a former microbiologist , who question the value of statistical methods in astrology. Although the book makes much of artifacts, it never addresses the real limitations of testing archetypes empirically and replicating unique circumstances.

Divination p. Diviners claim that supernatural forces are beyond measure, the intent must be pure, the results are context specific and the co-participation of diviner and subject is essential. With the observer effect, empirical testing and falsification is almost impossible.

This is illustrated with Roman augurs divining by watching chicken behaviour. This is not an argument, but a combination of an appeal to emotion fallacy and a straw man fallacy. Natural Astrology In his influential book The Moment of Astrology , Geoffrey Cornelius controversially defines judicial astrology as subjective and divinatory, and natural astrology as objective and causal.

Natural astrology includes celestial correlations with the natural world such as the oceanic and earth tides, volcanic and seismic activity and astro-meteorology.