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People born on this day are generally quite serious and meticulous. They tend to show up on time and do some extra work. They often double-check your work and in some cases they even triple it. Not surprisingly, you tend to do well especially in the field of accounting. In the beginning, this trait would slow you down but as you get the hang of it, you actually become quite fast and efficient. In the long run, you need to make sure that you pick the right partner.

You are a very intelligent, serious, and analytical type of person. Because of these traits, it is completely natural for you to carry a conversation. A lot of analytical and introverted people are so focused on the world of ideas that they are not very good conversationalists. You, however, have the best of both worlds.

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You not only are a great thinker, but you are also a fun person to talk to. As serious and meticulous you may be with your career, you are not that serious when it comes to romantic relationships and friendships. You often give yourself excuses for not committing by blowing up or exaggerating the shortcomings of potential romantic partners.

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While you exhibit a more meticulous and serious side of people born under the sign Scorpio, deep down you are still driven primarily by emotions. Your main planetary influence is Pluto. Your wild mood swings and seeming Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde transformations can throw many people off.

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Once you or other people get that, everything will then make sense. You should avoid judgmental people.

If you have friends who harshly criticize you because of your mood swings, you might want to look for new friends. The lucky color for people born on this day is black. Black is the absence of color. It is very beautiful because of its purity. It projects elegance, sophistication, seriousness, and honesty.

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Get the full astrology profile of someone born under December 16 zodiac The lover in Sagittarius is said to be least compatible with Scorpio. Read the full astrology profile of someone born under December 15 zodiac, The lover in Sagittarius is thought to be least compatible with Scorpio. day in leap years, while until the end of the year there are 16 days left.

Celebrating your birthday on 16th November as a Scorpio means that you have all kinds of ideas flurrying around in your head at any given time. Thanks to a host of astrological factors, your birthday falls on one of the most creatively charged in all of the zodiac. However, life has a way of getting in the way of itself, when all is said and done, and so you might find it somewhat difficult at times to overcome this need to fit in with the rest of the world — to be rational and to make a name for yourself in adulthood.

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It gives you more in this life than you realise, including the creativity required to overcome some of your greatest challenges. Everything goes well in the love sphere, whether you are in a relationship or single you might fall in a deep love. Advice: sleep at least eight hours every night and strengthen your immunity. Lucky days: 9, 14, Cancer: Your energy this month will be powerful, you will feel confident and you will be very enthusiastic.

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You will be more focused on studying to get good marks. Single Cancers will be lucky to find a possible partner. Advice: eat healthier food to maintain your good state of mind.

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Lucky days: 9, 16, Leo: This month will be very good for you. You will be rewarded at school with good marks for your hard work. You will also be very lucky and happy in your relationship or with your friends. Advice: avoid excesses and vices. Lucky days: 7, 11, Virgo: You are not very sociable this month, you avoid going out with your friends or meet new people.

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Offer this person some feedback. Looks awesome on my tablet! Depend on your instincts. Recenzii Politica privind recenziile. PS: all my posts are in Portuguese from Portugal! Being born on the 15th day of the month suggests pragmatism, responsibility and a lot of talent and devotion.

School goes quite well and the relationship with your family becomes better because you will communicate better with your family members. Advice: do more exercise and go for a walk in the nature. Lucky days: 14, 16, Libra: You need to have a good energy this month, so surround yourself with optimistic people.

You will get some opportunities at school and you should not ignore them.

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Be more careful with your relationships. Advice: since you will be stressed, you will have to rest whenever you can.

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Lucky days: 6, 9, Besides, you can have a passion for a person who belonged to the past. Be careful, it is only lust, not love, so no plans. Advice: have fun!