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Monster Bowles wins it! PBA www. Thing 1. Alaska Aces. For people born in Horse years: , , , , , , , , Although you may be given a position to rise with promotion, examine your options properly to ensure your new responsibilities are within what you are seeking to avoid disappointment. Wealth: You received better wealth and income in the second half of the year, so it would be great to divert most of your energy, focus and planning into the first half to maximize your return.

Love: It is a good year for relationships to develop further.

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For the single Horse people, you can consider joining social activities and just be yourself; you will realize your potential partner is among those at gatherings. Married couples get to enjoy a closer and deeper relationship. Career : There are some breakthroughs in your career for , although not big changes. Such small steps are crucial in helping you to rise to the next rank. If you face problems and pressure at work, noblemen will reveal themselves to assist you to ride through the year smoothly.

Wealth: It is a good year for your money luck in the year of the Dog. You should consider tapping into investment opportunities from your friends and among your social circle, those who are having a healthy gain.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Saturday, Feb. 16, This year, you make waves wherever you go. You exude happiness and mental acumen. ARIES. Deception and illusion about personal and professional matters disappear and you face some truths. Emotional choices and difficult.

However, do not be greedy when you have already earned your money as this can result in losses if you are not careful and complacent. Love: It is not difficult to know a new friend for It would take more time before your friendship develops to serious love commitment, so do not rush the process and allow it to develop naturally.

For the single Goat people, you can find a potential partner within your social circle. Married couple might find themselves too engrossed with their work, so it is time to take a step back and re-work your marriage. For people born in Monkey years: , , , , , , , , Career: You need to take a break and refocus on what you want to achieve in the long term. Take this time to develop a new skill set or invest in your personal knowledge and education.

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Wealth : Focus on long-term investment in the year of the Dog and stay away from short-term gains. Investment will have to be achieved through strategizing your personal portfolio. You can consider tapping an expert to help you manage your wealth. Business people will have decent luck in growth of their business, although it can only be achieved through proper planning.

Love: For the single monkey people, you probably will find it easier to know a new partner who is elder than you and who can bring more experience and insight into your relationship. Married couples will enjoy a fruitful relationship for , although you have to learn to give each other space for personal growth.

For people born in Chicken years: , , , , , , , Career : There are decent career opportunities appearing in , but you cannot afford to remain in your comfort zone as the new opportunities only come when you start to put in effort. Before accepting that new job offer, it would be wise to renegotiate with your current company as they might counter offer even better terms. Wealth: Excellent money luck for with plenty of income opportunities and possibly even a partnership offer. Do not miss the positive energy between February and April as this is an excellent period for wealth accumulation. Love : Expect competitor coming your way when you are seeking love; learn to give value, sincerity and respect so you can be sure you come out winning.

For married couples, do avoid third-party intervention to have a healthy marriage. Career : Although there can be quite a few challenges in , all is not lost if you use your wisdom to remove all obstacles. Do remember not to overreact and maintain your calm; you can still ride through the year peacefully.

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Promotion opportunity is possible, but not without high mounting stress, so examine your options properly before commitment. Wealth : Focus on small gains this year rather than big gains, as taking tiny steps, whether in your business or investment strategies, is the fundamental key to growth. Love : It is an average year for the single Pig to be actively looking for partners.

You need to let your potential partner see your wit, intellect and wisdom. This is the key to unlocking their heart. For the married couple, focus on spending more quality time at home and consider taking a long-distance trip. Career: You may find a stressful year with heavy workload and you are unable to meet your company expectations. In such time, be prepared to hold on to your grit and consider investing time and effort in self-development instead. Wealth : Investment opportunities can be short-term and may not be what you expected.

Daily Horoscope February 16, 2019 for Zodiac Signs

This means if you are achieving good money returns on short-term plans, consider reinvesting that money for a long-term gain. Love: In this year competition is strong, so you should invest time in your loved one. For the single Dog people, you might have to put in more effort to socialize and maintain patience. With your meaningful insights, help shape the stories that can shape the country.

Sign up now! Philstar Global Corp. All Rights Reserved. My Profile Sign Out. The Philippine Star - February 16, - am. Rat For people born in Rat years: , , , , , , , , Career : It is a good year for progressive career luck as you capitalize on your skill set. Power Message : Invest in oneself. Power Message : Be prudent with investment. Power Message : Maximize your career path. Power Message : Work doubly hard for a fruitful year.

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Power Message : Focus on self-development. Power Message: Patience is the key to success. Power Message: Rest to walk the longer journey. Power Message: Maintain your grit for maximum success. Power Message: Getting a mentor is the key. Power Message: Grab opportunity when presented. Lucky color: White, brown, blue Lucky Number: 6, 8 Pig For people born in Pig years: , , , , , , , Career : Although there can be quite a few challenges in , all is not lost if you use your wisdom to remove all obstacles. Power Message: Maintain a low profile. Power Message: Better to take tiny steps.

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