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Born on the Taurus-Gemini Cusp

In fact, this human being does not have anything against solitude, because only then things are going in the way he wants it. It needs to be clear that he does not want to be followed, but he will enjoy it if he can do things as he wants. So here we encounter one man what has very independent personality, and at the same time, he likes to have some amount of safety in his life, in a sense that he needs to have comfort and to live in the environment that suits him perfectly. He cannot fake that he is enjoying when he is not. He may start many projects at the same time, and lose some energy, but because of his persistence, he will finish everything in the end , and he can do everything perfectly if others do not bother him.

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Taurus has a strong business personality, and in everything he does this person who is born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini shows how persistent he is, and shows the greatest severity, even when others give up. He knows that he is capable of building a road that leads to success; he enjoys living luxuriously and surrounds himself with nice things.

However, this person will not spend everything, because in this case his safety and stability will disappear, which is a big stress for him. A woman who is born on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini sign is very interesting cause she has amazing and vivid nature — she is decisive when she has the eyes on the prize. She is persistent, consistent, realistic, stable, and uncompromising; there is nothing that you can say or do that she will do if her beliefs are telling her another.

This lady is very sensual in interpersonal relations, she is a woman that can endure all difficulties in life, and she will reach her goals by being stubborn, energetic and smart. This woman can be at times tolerant to things that are happening all around her, but in some other scenario, this lady will directly say what is on her mind and what is bothering her in any way, no matter how small that mater can be. In interpersonal relations, this woman tries to be responsible, and most of the time she is, but in some days here energy is just all over the place and cannot make the focus.

This lady often surprises her lovers with her virtuosity in bed.

Sex for this woman is perceived as a land of fantasy in which she flees from the earthly aspects of life. Passionate and gentle, she will spoil the partner in the bedroom, but also out of it. There is no doubt that this woman is capable of doing anything she wants in life, she is both strong, and seductive, people admire her in some way, they love how brave and uncompromised she is. Her greatest strength lies in sensitivity and patience.

Even if this lady may appear to be mild to nature, she has strong opinions that are difficult to change much.

Taurus and Gemini Compatibility

However, no matter what experience her life brings, she learns quickly from them and will not repeat the same mistake twice. It is said that this combination of signs, in the sense of a person who is born on the cusp between the signs Taurus and Gemini has all traits that come from the Taurus — perseverance perfect for the imaginative rustiness and uncertainty of a Gemini that gives an incredibly powerful and stable mind and will. All of this, without any doubt, leads these human beings into the success that will last for a long time.

These people are without any doubt the rulers of their own fate; they are making their ideas into a reality, they are not just dreamers who stay in that reality for a long time, they stand up and do whatever they want.

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These people are generally accepted by society and generally become very popular in their fields of work, but they will never have any problem in being alone and enjoy their life and work while alone. In love, they are not very faithful but this more comes in phases, we cannot say that this is the rule , and most of them have multiple relationships. On the other side of the story, they can crave for stability, and in this sense, they can settle down in one moment in their lives, but their life until that moment in an emotional sense, is questionable.

In some way, these people who are born in the cusp between Taurus and Gemini sign, are craving for changes in their life and want to have as many experiences as possible, they are drawn to them, but deep inside they can be afraid of that idea, so they opt not to change. If the change is inevitable, they become very nervous and worried, but their determination will lead them into that change, and they will do it very successfully, there is no doubt that their intuition and smarts will lead them into the right direction.

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They do not like anything new deep inside they would want to try, but they do not want to lose their comfort in life, because everything that is new at the same time is unknown, and they can be afraid of the unknown. This can be explained in the best way in the way that we all need to know that these people must have a line in life, they cannot cross it, no matter what.

Without it, these people are very upset and unhappy, but we ask them how they will grow if they do not cross any line in life? There are unknown experiences in their life because they do not like the feeling of uncertainty they encounter in such situations, even if they sometimes do it, they do not feel comfortable.

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These people also are known for their inability to express their feelings openly but hide them deep inside, and this is a cause of a major misunderstanding with other people, who for one reason or another want to be close to them. The biggest drawbacks in their lives are their tendency to prolong things and to slow themselves down, even if their energy could endure something faster.

As we have said, these people are very sensible and vulnerable for that matter , and it is an ultimate sin if anyone touches the integrity of their personality because they know what they are doing, what they say, what they do and stand behind their actions. For everything they do, they have to be very motivated, and if they lack that motivation, there is nothing these people can possibly do to make things moving again.

Their energy needs to be focused. When we are talking about love and people who are born on the cusp of two signs, Taurus and Gemini, we must mention once again that they are hiding their feelings skillfully, many people do not know that they are very sensitive.

They are never in self-awareness, from at a very early age they are dynamic rather than passive. Sometime to the despair of their parents who correct them on their miner mistakes also. They feel they sticks to one activity than the multiple activities. From an very early age they start developing active attitude. They are less egoistic than normal human being. They are fearful of rejection.

Sometimes they form a powerful ego through out their life. This cusp has powerful energy and wonderful interest around them, Though they may be turn out by reputation of untrust worthiness which may hurt them particularly in the area of trade and career. When they are at their brilliance they are enough to guarantee maximum success in any given period, unless and until it is not backed by someone.

Because they are very slow and more purposeful individual making of a resume can be painful processing born under this week.

Learning and creation is a value of limitation in the growth of born under this week. When they are love and relationship, they seek very sympathetic attitude of others. In love and relationship they want everyone should listen and watch only them, whereas in relationship it can be numbered. In partnership they always lead compared to their partner as their partner take care of the home management finance and general administration.

But all outside work is taken care by Taurus Gemini cusp. Only those people are successful in their partnership who can fulfill a need of communication to the Taurus Gemini cusp.

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And can establish a very strong born between children and themselves. They can sacrifice their own needs and desires at the interest of their children at such situation, they consider every need at the top of their priorities. In any given such circumstances they are the best planner. Those born on the Taurus-Gemini cusp are eternally young. They are energetic, prolific and once they find something that really appeals to them, they do it quite a bit.

They are also versatile. This versatility may cause them to wear themselves out because they try to do too much too frequently. They need to learn to limit themselves to create a balance. Taurus-Gemini is a born communicator. They love active conversations on just about any topic you can imagine. They do have to be careful not to monopolize the conversation. It is all too easy for them to do. They may be conflicted about certain things due to their nature. While they want to be earthy and stable, they are drawn to towards more unstable, frenetic behavior.

They may not be sensitive to the feelings of others. While they can spend hours debating over their own emotional matters, they may appear rather unsympathetic or detached.