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So all Sagittarian's are your competition. Notice how you act and react in a group when a Sagittarius is present.

Both of you will be competing for the attention of anyone else present. This should not turn into a dual. This is something you should know and use in order to build your character and personality. You should be a better person because of this information and you should leave all people better than you found them, including your competition. After all, your Rising Sign is all about your personality, appearance and worldly outlook.

These competitive people can be just about anyone - spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family members, children, co-workers, etc. It's just downright fascinating! This house rules the head, face, upper lip, and upper jaw, cerebrum brain. The 1st House is about identity. This house also rules the personality, attitude, how you see the world, how you look, appearances, your worldly outlook, and self-awareness and how you respond.

It describes how you see yourself and how others see you. It can also describe your physical appearance. Other keywords include: the self, ego, anima, projected image, expression of inner motivation, soul purpose, initial approach to life, the aura. For this reason, Sagittarians suffer from foot-in-the-mouth-syndrome, meaning they speak before they think and this can be quite comical in making Freudian slips. Sagittarians are the most jovial and cheery sign. Because they rule the 9th house of philanthropy, philosophy, foreigners, foreign travel and higher education, they Love their freedom and are generally referred to as the "gypsies of the zodiac.

They are quite hopeful, optimistic and positive in just about any atmosphere. They have a Love of freedom and liberty like no other. They are also highly independent and cannot stand to be ordered about or for someone to tell them what to do. They do have a humorous side that can keep everyone smiling. They are also honorable individuals.

What Does an Ascendant in Sagittarius Reveal?

Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Rising — Combination of Solar and Rising Zodiac Signs. Personality & Destiny, Love and Compatibility in Astrology Forecast. Read the meaning of the Sun in Sagittarius and the Ascendant in Sagittarius combination in your horoscope.

Their disposition can be somewhat frank, impulsive, outspoken, energetic, fearless and will usually arrive at conclusions quickly that is coupled with nervousness, ambition, sincerity and sympathy. They use their perceptions to arrive at their decisions, which reflect their motto, "I perceive, therefore I AM. Even while they are being frank and downright blunt, they will rarely miss the mark on what they are saying.

Moon in Sagittarius

These natives can also be a little high-strung at times, with a bit of restlessness and over anxiety. A drive would do them a world of Good during these times. Sagittarians also have a fondness for ritual, religious customs, practices and the like. Outdoor sports and adventure excite them, especially if it involves a bit of travel. They appreciate animals, especially horses hence the Centaur. They are attracted to more worldly and global customs and cultures and generally have a progressive approach to Life.

They aspire to great heights hence the Centaur's arrow pointed high into the air. When there is an opportunity or advantage that they can use in business, they are on it like a lightning bolt. When it comes to saying what is on their mind, they'll more than likely say it and pull no punches and sugar-coat anything. Because they are naturally ruled by the planet Jupiter they are global and expansive in thought, word and action. They like big. You are the pupil who always wanted to learn and to enrich your knowledge and you are an indefatigable idealist.

Looking at the surface of things does not satisfy you.

Venus enters Sagittarius

You want to analyse and go deeper, to come to your own conclusions and produce new ideas, which can even be seen as Wisdom. Religion and philosophy attract you as the truths they contain go beyond the bounds of this trivial reality. You often see things from another dimension, far from the pettiness and smallness that tends to characterise human nature. You dream of a just and correct order of things.

You have open spiritual horizons and can easily adapt to situations, modifying your approach and ideas when you discover the new that overthrows the old. You are never static and are not fixated on things. You are willing to make sacrifices to serve the common good or a great idea. You will isolate yourself from daily life, if this helps your internal evolution and development.

Sun enters Scorpio

With such rejuvenating ideas you also feel a strong sense of solidarity and desire to help others and may dedicate yourself to serving humanity for the common good. You place great store on collaboration with others, communicating and freedom of movement, since any form of limitation and oppression can make you extremely angry.

At work, you thrive when working in a team as your friendly personality and sharp sense of humour mean you shine in social interactions. With your independent and outgoing style, you often give the impression of being opportunistic, someone who does not have solid life values.

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You channel your energy through sports and travel, as you do not want to stagnate in a routine. Change is like oxygen for you. Your main characteristics are your optimism and effusiveness. When you handle them properly, you can put your vision into practice. Sagittarius ascendant personality traits If your Ascendant is Sagittarius, the ruling planet of your Ascendant is Jupiter. Sagittarius Ascendant Man Sagittarius Ascendant men are restless and free-spirited, always looking to rise above the ordinary, the quotidian and the banal.

Sagittarius Ascendant Woman Sagittarius Ascendant women have an insatiable thirst for the new and the exciting. Sagittarius ascendant and its Sun sign combinations Find here all 12 combinations of Sun signs combined Sagittarius rising sign. You are characterised by maturity and optimism, which makes those around you seek out your company and hold you up as a role model.

You are very ambitious and hard-working and can enjoy significant achievements in the areas in which you will be active.

Sagittarius ♐️ #Rising Sign -- #Sagittarius #Ascendant In #Astrology

In your love life, you like to have a long-term relationship but, if you feel pressured, then you will run far away. You are idealistic and like to live like a nomad. You may even pursue a career in a field relating to travel so that you can have the opportunity to explore various places and cultures.

You are a free and joyful person and find satisfaction in the little things in life. You feel in harmony with the world and enjoy finding meaning through creative activities.

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Most people want to be your friend and you rarely make enemies. You enjoy travel and being informed about everything. You are creative, optimistic and love adventure. Even so, you are exceptionally sensitive, and often become introspective and close up in yourself. You like to travel solo so that you can do as you want, without a programme, and gain new experiences. You are not a typical Cancer as you can easily detach yourself from your family environment. You have a particular appearance that attracts many people.

You have high goals and ambitions, which you easily achieve. You are ambitious and like to have fun, travel, and work non-stop. External appearance is your most important criterion when choosing a partner. You are a truly responsible person but also prone to extreme emotional outbursts.

Sun in Sagittarius — Rising in Sagittarius

You can quite quickly swing from feeling optimistic to being depressed and vice versa. You are very ambitious and work attentively to make your aspirations a reality. For you, a harmonious and calm relationship is important and this is something that you must consider before rushing into marriage.

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You combine diplomacy with decisiveness. You are very faithful and sincere and love adventure and travel. You have a heightened sense of justice and defend not only your own interests but also those of your fellow humans. Your friends play an important role in your life and, through teamwork, you will make your name. Your main characteristic is your desire for independence and freedom, physical and intellectual. You have a rare, dynamic character but come across as a little haughty. You have grandiose plans and ambitions and can be quite secretive, so as to ensure that no one will trip you up.